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Our ministry reaches beyond the walls of The Chapel, it extends past the city limits of Winston-Salem.  This is, in part by our dedicated members. There are many opportunities to GET INVOLVED at The Chapel!  Your time and expertise can make an impact in many ways to the local community and to global missions.  Whether it’s working in TREE ministry teaching lessons to our children and youth, serving meals to the city's homeless population or singing in the choir…. there's an opportunity for you!

Leading the Flock  -  "Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially they who labor in the word and doctrine. Remember them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves for they watch for your souls, as they must give account." Ancillary Components:  Administrative Assistant • Associate Ministers • Baptism • Chapel Care Ministry • The Twelve Tribes of Israel • Communion • Deacon Ministry/ Joint Boards • Trustee Ministry • Church Development Ministry  • Funerals • Mid-Week Bible Study • Revivals • Weddings

This ministry exists to provide leadership training and development and to work with ministry leaders in carrying out the work of the church in areas of service and administration.  The goal is to support and encourage the overall ancillary components' efforts in fulfilling specific responsibilities.

Ancillary Components:  Church Anniversary • Church Historian • Church Operations Manual • Delegates/Conventions • Drama Ministry • Area Head Directors and Components • Leadership Class Committee • Pastoral Anniversary • Publicity and Communications • Special Events

The family life ministry is responsible for assisting in organizing, planning and implementing a holistic program for seniors, singles, marriage, health management, and couples to include weekly Bible study, conferences, workshops and seminars, creative expression, life application, fellowship, etc. Ancillary Components: Senior Adult Ministry • Singles Ministry • Marriage Ministry • Young Adult Ministry

The Women's ministry is dedicated to enhancing the spiritual growth of women throughout all life stages. The ministry seeks to nurture, assist, and support women through prayer, fellowship, and the teaching of God's Word.

Ancillary Components: All Women of the Church • Missionary Circle I • Missionary Circle II • Missionary Circle III • Missionary Circle IV • Purple Tea • S.O.W.E.L.L. Ministry (Sisters  Overcoming thru  Worship,  Encouragement, Loving and  Living)

The Sunday School is the basic organization for the Bible teaching program. These Bible study classes are a place to belong, and a place to become. Belonging involves connecting with other believers to find common interests, common backgrounds, and common struggles. Becoming is the process of learning how God wants to teach you, guide you, and use you for His glory.  It is our desire that Sunday Church school provide you with lifelong friendships, life-long learning as well as opportunities for encouragement and involvement.

Deacon Ministry: The deacon ministry is a watchful guardian of the vision, mission, and good order of the church, striving to maintain a healthful tone of Christian faith and activity in the body. The deacon ministry also acts as assistants to the Senior Pastor in advancing the general interests of the church body. Ancillary Components:  The Great Commission Prayer Ministry • Corporate Prayer •  Benevolence Ministry • Bereavement Ministry • Assist Pastor with Baptismal • Assist Pastor with Communion • Initial Contact With New Members • Joint Boards • Mentoring • Outreach Ministry/Other

The deaconess ministry is a watchful guardian of the vision, mission, and good order of the church, striving to maintain a healthful tone of Christian faith and activity in the body. The deaconess ministry also acts as assistants to the senior pastor in advancing the general interests of the church body.

Ancillary Components: The Great Commission Prayer Ministry • Corporate Prayer •

Benevolence Ministry • Bereavement Ministry • Assist Pastor with Baptismal • Assist Pastor with Communion • Mentoring • Outreach Ministry/Other

This ministry provides school and computer support and includes the tutorial program, scholarship, website, computer lab and the announcers. Ancillary Components:  Lead Announcer and Staff  • Computer Analyst • Computer Training • Computer Laboratory • Educational Workshops for Parents & Students • No Parent Left Behind • Scholarship Criteria, Decision & Communications • Tutorial Ministry • Website Ministry

(Having Enough Loving People Serving) The  goal is to create an atmosphere where Jesus is Lord and the Holy Spirit is in control, with spiritual men and women ministering to the Body, meeting needs of ministries in the love of God and the power of the Holy Spirit . Determine that whatever you do, you will do it to the glory of God and do it with the grace, power and ability that He supplies.... abundantly!! In other words, do it in the Spirit!   Ancillary Components: Benevolence • Culinary Staff  • Greeter/Hospitality Ministry • Health Management • Nurses Ministry • Combined Usher Ministry • Volunteers

This ministry is to inspire young adults (ages 18-40) to pursue a life of sanctification and holiness through stimulating church ministries and resources.

Goals: To bring young adults closer to Christ through a community  that helps them meet their needs, develop their gifts, and "give back" to the community. • To provide a forum for spiritual, service, educational, and social activities. • To focus on building a community to support young adults of faith through spirit-filled dialogue and the sharing of ideas, experiences and other resources.

Worship and Arts Ministry is passionate about finding creative ways to communicate truths about God, His character and His work, and then creatively leading the body in a passionate response to this revelation. We go to great lengths to use the vast artistic gifts from within the body to lead in this response - everything from dance, to painting, to beautiful music, to sculpting, to a well-crafted song. Ancillary Components: Audio/Video and Tape Ministry • Gospel Choir • Hymn Choir • Male Chorus • PCMBC Choir • Praise Team • Prayer Band • Youth and Young Adult Choir  • Abba Praise • Interpreters of Praise • Majesty • Joy Steppers • Kingdom-Bound Steppers • Teen Theater

(Corporate and Management Oriented) The trustee ministry is the legal representatives of the church. The ministry is responsible for all financial aspects of the church; maintaining the deeds to the property; handling, maintaining and overseeing all property; securing and maintaining the physical facilities; and, signing all contracts on behalf of the church. Ancillary Components:  Ad Hoc Committee • Budget • Bylaws • Financial Secretary •  Human Resources • Joint Board • Legal Aspects/Other • Physical Facility • Security • Taxes • Transportation Ministry

The evangelism and outreach ministry is committed to passionately encouraging men and women to accept the Gospel of Christ . The ministry strives to carry out the commission of Christ, by going into the world to preach and teach the Gospel. With respect to the great commission , the ministry reaches out to community residents of all ages, as well as troubled, and/or imprisoned individuals. Ancillary Components: Assist Pastor with Communion to Homebound • Intercessory Prayer Ministry • Jail Ministry • Prison Ministry • Soul Winning • Vacation Bible School

The men's ministry strives to stimulate the minds and spirits of men and to nurture them as they strengthen their commitment to Christ, family, church and society. The men of the ministry strive to build a strong bond among Christian men, ultimately providing continuous support and encouragement for one another.

Ancillary Components:  All Men of the Church • Athletic/Recreation • Parking Patrol

The Youth/Teen ministry seeks to nurture young people beginning at an early age to cultivate their understanding of Christ and how biblical principles apply to their lives. The ministry is devoted to helping all youth and teens to develop Christian maturity in the midst of modern media and peer pressure.

Ancillary Components: Children's Bible Study • Children's Church • Youth Ministry • Teen Ministry



  9:30 am • Sunday School

10:45 am • Morning Worship


12:00 pm • Bible Study
  7:00 pm • Wed Evening Study