phillips chapel
missionary baptist Church

Phillips Chapel Missionary Baptist Church is a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, and Spirit-led body of believers fulfilling the Kingdom Agenda in the Spirit of Excellence. We are a ministry that is striving to minister to the total man through the Great Commandment and Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We aim to develop and prepare a people that recognize their God-given gifts to walk into their God-given destiny for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


Phillips Chapel Baptist Church was birthed July 18, 1941, in the home of the first pastor, Reverend and Mrs. T.C. Phillips, on East 14th Street and Claremont Avenue, accommodating fifty members.  The conformity of the church included additional co-founders such as Mrs. Ella D. Beatty, Mrs. Henrietta S. Duckett, Mrs. Loretta Settlers, Mrs. Ruby Parker, Mrs. Mozelle Smith, and Mrs. Estelle Spann.  Each co-founder remained active from the inception until their deaths. In the several compilations of documents from many years past, it was written that Reverend Thomas C. Phillips was a valuable man in his denomination, a distinguished preacher, good teacher, excellent leader, and soloist.  The first edifice, which was a storefront wooden structure, was purchased and paid in full for $6,000 in 1943.  Even though the membership was small it was a wonderful collaboration of the founder, co-founders and congregation by faith to see God do much with little. Three Founder’s Day Observances were realized under his spiritual leadership until his health declined causing him to resign and months later go home to be with the Lord.


Later, the church purchased and moved to the vacant Seventh Day Adventist Church located at 2341 North Patterson Avenue in 1962 and began to excel in many areas of the life of the church.  Because of the growth of the church and the need for space Phillips Chapel Missionary Baptist Church moved to their current edifice in June 27, 1993, prepared to experience more of the facets of God’s presence and glory.


Currently, Pastor Armstrong serves as our under shepherd and desires to fulfill the kingdom agenda in the spirit of excellence that represents the virtue of God and ministers to the whole man.  We anticipate the glorious things that God will manifest in the midst of His people as we press forward to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.   We look forward to the vision that God has given to Pastor Armstrong to expand our campus and ministries to the body of Christ and the community at large for His Glory!


Throughout our rich history, we have been blessed with talented Christians and great servants who have rendered outstanding services to the church and community.  Although some are no longer with us, we should always remember to be grateful for those sacrifices which have given us The Chapel of today.



  9:30 am • Sunday School

10:45 am • Morning Worship


12:00 pm • Bible Study
  7:00 pm • Wed Evening Study